Every industrializated or imported product that is intended to be sold or distributed in Brasil must meet health legislation for an ANVISA registration in its category. L&L Assessoria has a prepared team ready to assist you in this processes.


  • Sanitary Surveillance of the City/State and National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) advisory and regulation of your company;
  • Health license (health permit) obtaining;
  • Company Operating Permit obtaining – COP;
  • Special Authorization (SA) for business operation;
  • Health License changes, renewals and authorization of operation;
  • Evaluation and guidelines for adequate facilities and layout;
  • Establishment Registration obtaining;
  • Daily monitoring of publications and demonstrations of ANVISA – until its approval;
  • Preparation of Good Practice (PGP) for the manufacturing, storage, distribution, among others;
  • Elaboration of Standard Operational Procedure (SOP);
  • Executing ANVISA requirements;


  • ANVISA notification, registration/records, changes, renovations, additions and regularization
  • Appropriate framework of products with the applicable legislation;
  • Rummage of requirements, documentation, analysis and tests that are prerequisites for the record;
  • Rummage of documentation required;
  • Assistance in INMETRO certification;
  • Documents analysis;
  • Preparing the registration dossier;
  • ANVISA face protocol.