Every industrializated or imported product that is intended to be sold or distributed in Brasil must meet health legislation for an ANVISA registration in its category. L&L Assessoria has a prepared team ready to assist you in this processes. COMPANY


All companies that manufacture or distribute sanitary control products should follow good practices established for their category, and depending on your product risk rating, have certification requirement and should be subject to inspection by ANVISA, wich must be petitioned before


Periodic audits are carried out by companies from various sectors for an evaluation of its quality management system. The team at L & L Advisory can assist these companies in managing their quality programs , legal and regulatory documentation. The

Regulate your product.

All product subject to industrialization or import for distribution and sale in Brazil must meet health legislation for registration in their respective category by ANVISA .

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RodoAir Transportes BioExpress - 25/03/2016

I'd like, through this little message, to thank L&L Assessoria for our partnership and professionalism. We met a few years ago, when I was still part of Variglog group. I've been a client of this companys with every business I've worked, including in my current job. It's with great satisfaction that I congratulate this company and I can say, and suggest L&L Assessoria for other clients, with the certainty that the best services will be provided. I wish this company have each day more success, God bless you - today and always. "The secret of great success is the work of a great team.",

Denilson Junior - 12/01/2016